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"Peter is very approachable and accommodating when it comes to his time and making himself available for conceptual brainstorming meetings and rehearsals. He is also keen to provide us with new and exciting ideas he has of his own regarding design and technology to continuously help leverage our events and make them the huge success that they have become in such a competitive market."

- Lisa Bathe
North Queensland Toyota Cowboys

What is happening here????? You'll all find out soon enough! Will and Pete had more then their fair share of glamor today! Congrats Keenan and Kellie on such an amazing photoshoot! Glad we were there for the ride!

After the Dawn Service, it was off to the other end of The Strand to present the Anzac Day Parade. If you missed it, here is some of the highlights...

Lest we forget.


Highlights of the Anzac Parade celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Anzacs, held in along The Strand, Townsville. Music: The Anzac - Adam Brand https://i...

It was truly a humbling experience being granted the opportunity to present the Anzac Day Dawn Service. Broadcasting live into three live sites throughout the morning, we were thrilled to have the event run so perfectly and visually stunning. We brought together the north's most creative and technically experienced operators to deliver the very best coverage. A massive thank you to Jeff Jimmieson and his brilliant team at Townsville City Council Events Department for believing in Jepson Media to deliver the visuals that match the significance of the 100th Anniversary of the Anzacs.

Lest we forget


Highlights of the Dawn Service commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Anzacs, held in Anzac Park, Townsville. Music: The Anzac - Adam Brand